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A comprehensive archive of our monthly newsletter, The Geospatial Times.


December – Map Mavin Map Galleries, Automated Building Footprints, Unlimited Basemap Server

November – ArcGIS-to-Map Mavin Plugin and Map Mavin Basemap Sales

October – Map Mavin vs Arc; AW3D DEM Sales; Map Mavin Chicago Schools Case Study

September – 50-cm Satellite Imagery in Map Mavin, New Imagery Price List, Burning Man 2016/17

August – Map Mavin Editing is Live! Deimos-1 in Image Hunter, WV4 @ US-North Korea Summit

July – Winter Olympics Imagery, Map Mavin Close to Launch 2.0, Avoid PaySimple

June – Map Mavin – Better Than Ever; 80-cm TripleSat; Tokyo WV3

May – Blazing Fast Map Mavin Webmaps, March For Our Lives

April – Denver Women’s March 2018, New Price List, SkySat and SuperView-1 Live in Image Hunter

March – Google Imagery Basemaps for IH2, New Fed Gov Discounts, Smaller Formosat-2 Min Orders

February – New RE/PS Min Orders, IKONOS Product Changes, New Image Hunter GUI

January – Updated Airbus Price List, ALOS in Image Hunter, Capetown WV4 Imagery


December – 50% Off Deimos, Cuprite SWIR Sample, Airbus 2018 Price Change

November – WV3 Fall Colors, Updated Price List, WV4 In Image Hunter

October – Map Mavin Supports KMZ, 3-m PlanetScope Pricing, ZY3 Stereo

September – WV4 Accepting Orders! Map Mavin Changes, New FS2 Price List

August – 50% Off WorldDEM, Formosat-2 Live, New GT Template

July – New Satellites for Sale, Updated Price List, DG Media License

June – Cuprite Nevada SWIR Sample, Two New Satellites in Image Hunter!

May – Free Map Mavin Credits, Oktoberfest 2016 Image, Wonsan North Korea

April – Map Mavin Roadmap, Rosan North Korea, Reflectance P1/WV/GE1 Images

March – Try Map Mavin Now, Tunis WV3 Image, Bosse Field P1

February – Map Mavin Official Launch! WV4 Update

January – Map Mavin Launches! WV3 Venice Italy, Free Month Map Mavin


December – WorldDEM Done, WV4 Launches, Map Mavin Closer

November – Map Mavin closer; Chicago WV3; British Open 2016

October – Map Mavin Close To Launch! Plus DNC & RNC Imagery

September – Map Mavin Completes Beta, Airbus Price Drops, K3A is Live

August – Map Mavin in Beta!, Automatic Pricing Updates, Isle of Wight Festival

July – Map Mavin Sign Up Process & Free Credits, Indy 500 & Victory Day Parade Images

June – Map Mavin Screen Share, DG Announcements, Rainbow Mountain

May – First Map Mavin Video! New DG Imagery Pricing & 70-cm Data

April – Map Mavin Beta Testers & Survey, Hong Kong Disneyland, 2016 Aussie Open

March – Map Mavin Survey, DG Maps API, We are Hiring!

February – Map Mavin, Small Aerial Collects, Dubai Airshow

January – Aerial Pricing, Data Alert, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

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December – GISrack Renamed Map Mavin, Images of Hitachi Seaside Park & Beijing

November – New Lower WV3 Pricing, WV3 SWIR Sample, Last IKONOS Image, New Newsletter Format!

October – IKONOS Sales Restart, WV3 30-cm Discounts, Grand Prismatic WV3 and BOO!!!

September – WV3 Discounts, Ship Off Madagascar, Try Data Alert!

August – Data Alert is Live!, Perspective on BlackBridge, Aerial Imagery Collections

July – 15-cm/30-cm Aerial Collections, IKONOS Update, WV3 SWIR Samples (again!)

June – Au Revoir SPOT 5, P1 Academic Discounts, SWIR WV3 Sample

May – WV3 SWIR Sample Live!, P1 Academic Pricing, DG License Changes

April – Key DigitalGlobe Imagery Changes, IKONOS No Longer, Imagery In Radiance

March – Farewell QB, FirstLook, WV3 WV3 WV3!

February – High Res Country Mosaics, SPOT Price Changes, More WV3 Images

January – SPOT 7 Sales, WV3 Ferrari World Images, Refresh it Now


December – WV3 Samples, Offline Basemaps, EROS-K3 Added to IH2

November – WV3 40-cm Samples, Imagery Price Changes, Site Monitoring

October – WV3 Sales Start! A New Employee & Imagery Price Changes

September – 40 vs 50-cm Images, WV3 Launches, DG Imagery Price Changes, MH17 Photos

August – 40-cm Imagery Ready!, SPOT 7 Launches, New Wire Info

July – DigitalGlobe Changes, Product Updates, Imagery Discounts

June – GISrack Update, DigitalGlobe Discounts, Referral Offer

May – DG Imagery Discounts, WorldDEM Sales Start, GISrack Update

April – GISrack to Beta!, DG Imagery Discounts are Back, Apollo Referral Offer

March – Global Basemap China, Heights From Imagery, GISrack Update

February – KOMPSAT-3 sales, the GISrack, Global Basemap

January – More IH2 Changes, GIS Web Services, Haiyan Imagery


December – WorldDEM, Typhoon Haiyan, GIS Cloud Beta

November – GIS Cloud Beta, DG Discounts, Boulder Flood

October – Imagery Discounts & Web GIS Apps

September – Web App Development, SPOT 6 Changes, Imagery Discounts

August – 75% Off Satellite Imagery, Image Hunter Improves

July – The New Image Hunter, Nighttime Imagery, Imagery Giveaway

June – Free Imagery, North America Imaging Plan, DG Price Changes

May – DG Price Changes & Master’s Moving Day

April – Pleiades 1B Accepting Orders, High Res Imagery of Augusta National

March – SPOT 6 Accepting Orders, WV3 Launch on Track, EROS B Delivers

February – EROS A and B, DigitalGlobe-GeoEye Merger Approved, Update on SPOT 6 and Pléiades 1B

January – The First High Resolution Constellation, Google Earth Overlays, SPOT 6 Commissioning Completed


December – A SPOT 6 Success Story, DEIMOS-1 as Landsat 7 Replacement, RapidEye Imagery of Oktoberfest 2011

November – Astrium Sets Pléiades 1B Launch Date, An Update on Fukishama Cleanup, Free Bathymetric and Topo Data

October – SPOT 6 Launches, Elevation10 DEMs, RapidEye Product Name Changes

September – Thoughts on the DigitalGlobe and GeoEye Combination, DigitalGlobe Price Change, RapidEye Imagery of Deepwater Horizon

August – DigitalGlobe and GeoEye Merger, Try Image Hunter Today, Amazon Deforestation in Progress

July – Pléiades 1A Updates, Image Hunter, RapidEye Shows Changing Black Sea

June – Image Hunter Launches, Pléiades 1 Sales Commence, RapidEye Shows Changing Dead Sea

May – WorldView-3 Unveiled, RapidEye For River Extraction, Elevation10

April – 10-m DEMs in Cloudy Places; RapidEye for Water Extraction; GeoEye-2 Design Milestone

March – 5-m RapidEye for Building Extraction, Specifications of DigitalGlobe’s Elevation Data

February – DigitalGlobe’s Global Elevation Data Offering

January – Let us Locate the Historic Data You Need


December – WorldView Accuracy Specification Improved; Free Tiling Add-On for ENVI