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Two important announcements that all users of high resolution imagery should make note of.

Due to popular demand, discounts on older DigitalGlobe satellite images are back!

Find out more about our new GIS cloud to be released in 2014.

Tips & Tech
The New Boom: Remotely Tracking Growth of the Sugarcane Industry in São Paulo, Brazil - A deep dive into the world of sugarcane production, remote sensing and greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

GFAQ - What is Spatial Topology in GIS? Part II - Part two of my series on spatial topology in Esri's ArcGIS. Read More

Free For All - North Carolina Parcel Data - A collection of parcels and other spatial layers for the state of North Carolina. Read More
Free For All - Not Really Who doesn't want fancy clothes printed with images of our Earth and space? Read More
Out Of This World An overview of a new idea that is taking the US by storm! Read More
Reaching Orbit - World Cup A look at the science of soccer balls behind this year's World Cup. Read More

Featured Products

A high-resolution satellite launched in 2012 offering 70-cm panchromatic and 2.8-m multispectral images.

From Maryland, we travel north of the border for this stop on the P1 tour of golf courses.

The only nighttime imaging solution offered from a satellite platform.

Geography Matters
Our Changing Landscape - Folsom Lake, California - RapidEye imagery shows the impacts of the ongoing drought across the state of California. Read More
Small World - Turin, Italy From the Ukraine we travel to the south of Europe for this stop on the Small World. Read More
Outside the Box - Arbor Day A look at the importance of the Arbor Day Farm to our national history. Read More
Back to School - Competition in Public Schools - GIS helps examine the role of competition in public school performance. Read More 
Apollo News Snippets - July 2014Snippets of interest for the geospatial community. Read More

Product Updates

A scalable and affordable imagery solution for your organization's data needs.

WorldView-2 collections statistics from a 3-month period over India and the surrounding nations.

An online imagery search engine that features previews and online ordering of DigitalGlobe, Airbus and RapidEye data.

These medium resolution natural color mosaics are competitively priced.

We are excited to announce that sales of the highly anticipated global 12-meter elevation model have commenced!

Check our monthly article for details on updated SPOTMaps coverage.

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