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Monthly Spotlight

Now's the time to buy with 75% off discounts offered on DigitalGlobe satellite imagery products until the end of the year! 

The period to submit an application for the contest has now been extended through the Fall 2013 Semester.

We will soon be offering a flexible GIS Cloud as one of our many customized geospatial services.

Tips & Tech
GFAQ - Is This UTM Zone Number Important? - A two part series on UTM and geographic coordinate systems. Read More

Free For All - UTM to Geographic Coordinate ConvertorsA selection of online and offline tools to convert between various coordinate systems.  Read More
Free For All - 42 Maps Video: 42 Maps that will change the way you look at the world.  
Out of This World - APEX APEX images of the Carina Nebula and Cat's Paw Nebula. 
Reaching Orbit - Deep Impact Reliving one of NASA's first missions to study comets.  

Featured Products

Our tour of golf courses takes us out west to California.

A reasonably priced, high resolution DEM solution with global coverage.

Features previews & online ordering of DigitalGlobe, Astrium & RapidEye data.

Geography Matters
Our Changing Landscape - Erg Chebbi, MoroccoRapidEye imagery shows the migration of sand dunes in Erg Chebbi, Morocco. Read More

Small World - Navy Pier, Sweet Home, Chicago - From Asia we travel over the Pacific Ocean to the heart of the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois. Read More
Outside the Box - Air Travel & Disease Tufts University researchers assess the risk factors. 
Back to School - Carolina BBQ - A GIS lab that is informative, enjoyable and tasty! 
Apollo News Snippets - October 2013 Snippets of interest for the geospatial community. Read More

Product Updates

Documents on atmospheric correction for QuickBird, WorldView-2 and GeoEye-1 satellites.

Get a sense of imagery coverage during a three month window.

Check out this article for details on updated SPOTMaps coverage.

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