Cricket’s Chirp – March

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

Cricket’s Chirp is created for Apollo Mapping by Ron Ruelle, a Boulder, Colorado based cartoonist, lllustrator and teacher. No animals are harmed in the creation of these comics, but Ron sometimes breaks a pencil in frustration. You can see more … Read more

High-Resolution Imagery Collections – WorldView-2/3 – Indonesia and Philippines, June to August 2019

Posted on March 3rd, 2020
This map shows the areas imaged by the WorldView-2/3 constellation from June 1 to August 31, 2019 over Indonesia and the Philippines. Please note that in many instances, multiple images were collected over the same area which is difficult to… Read more

Reaching Orbit – NASA Discovery

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

NASA’s Discovery Program aims to further our understanding of the solar system and its implications for our own planet. Through this program, NASA awarded four missions $3 million each to continue nine months of research and development. Next year, NASA … Read more

Free for All – March: Staying Coronavirus Safe and Educated, for Free

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

This month in Free for All we address one of the most talked-about subjects of the new decade – the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19, formerly referred to as 2019-nCoV). The source of the outbreak has been tracked to the Huanan Seafood … Read more

Nighttime Jilin-1 Satellite Imagery – Nantes, France

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

Launched and operated by CG Satellite, meet Jilin-1, the only world’s only high-resolution, color satellite constellation collecting nighttime imagery. Offered at 92-centimeter (cm) resolution, nighttime imagery from Jilin-1 is the ideal solution for a plethora of problems only now solvable … Read more

Your Imagery Work Break – 2019 Kumbh Mela

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

We love maps.

We love imagery.

We love work breaks.

We hope you like them as well!

March has arrived finally and hopefully Spring is right around the corner in your neck of the woods (or if you live in … Read more

Our Changing Landscape – Fire Ravages Kangaroo Island, Australia

Posted on March 3rd, 2020

In this monthly feature, we span the globe to examine Our Changing Landscape with a time series of medium-resolution PlanetScope satellite imagery. The PlanetScope constellation dates back to 2016 and is collecting hundreds of millions of square kilometers of 4-band … Read more

Apollo News Snippets – March 2020

Posted on March 3rd, 2020
It’s time for a juicy list of tech advances from the past month, so here we go! Laser-induced fusion could answer the world’s energy needs sustainably. Constrained perovskite crystals could lead to more efficient solar cells and LEDs. Producing high-quality… Read more

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