Post Processing

What is Post Processing and Why Would I Need it?

There is hidden value locked in the pixels of your ‘raw’ medium and high resolution imagery. Advanced analytic techniques that rely upon both the spectral and spatial characteristics of digital imagery can be used to extract helpful land information that was once only possible with costly manual labor. Post processing can also improve the accuracy of imagery and derive the associated elevations which can replace initial surveying work necessary for construction projects.

We’re here to help you unlock this hidden value in all of your imagery projects.

Apollo Mapping offers top quality post processing for your medium and high resolution imagery datesets at reasonable prices by completing the work here in our Boulder, Colorado office. The time and effort we save on production and quality control is passed on directly to all our valued Apollo Mapping clients.

Here is a list of the most popular post processing services we offer:

  • Elevation Models – derived topographic models from overlapping imagery pairs (or stereo pairs) in a variety of formats
  • Photo Enhancement – improves the clarity and colors of all medium and high resolution imagery products
  • Spectral Analysis – calculates and extracts information from the inherent spectral and spatial information contained in your imagery

Don’t see your specific need on this list? Let us know. It’s more than likely we can help you with your specialized post processing needs.

Useful Information on Post Processing Techniques

If you are not familiar with the terms used on this page, here is some information that might help explain several of them.

Elevation Models
Photo Enhancement
Spectral Analysis