Advanced Elevation

Advanced Elevation Series (AES) datasets are made from 50-centimeter (cm) optical stereo data collected by DigitalGlobe’s satellites WorldView-1 and WorldView-2.

Both WorldView-1 and 2 have on-board systems which accurately record the satellites’ position in space when the stereo pairs are collected. This geo-positional information allows DigitalGlobe to extract accurate 8-meter (m) DEMs without the need for additional ground control. The AES product suite is a highly customizable elevation solution: with resolution down to 2-meters available; as well as a suite of additional product and accuracy enhancements.

What to ExpectPricingKey SpecificationsIdeal Uses
DEM-ComparisonsAn animated comparison of free 90-m SRTM, free 30-m ASTER GDEM and 8-meter DigitalGlobe Mapping DSM elevation data. (Data Sources: CIGAR, ERSDAC and DigitalGlobe)

For many, one of the key steps to purchasing elevation data is understanding the costs. The prices below are for the least expensive AES data offered. Prices will increase for higher resolution and data processing. Academic discounts are available.

  • Minimum Order Size: 100 sq km
  • Product Type: 8-meter DSM in a standard region
  • Price Per Sq Km: $15.00

For an exact quote, please contact our Sales Team at

  • DEM Post Spacing (i.e. Resolution): 2 m, 4 m and 8 m
  • Absolute Vertical Accuracy: 2 m*, 4 m* and 8 m Linear Error 90% (LE90), respectively based on DEM resolutions above
  • Absolute Horizontal Accuracy: 2 m*, 5 m* and 10 m Circular Error 90% (CE90), respectively based on DEM resolutions above
  • Data Source: WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 50-cm optical stereo pairs
  • Formats Available: DSM and DTM

* Horizontal and vertical accuracies assume use of ground control points with 50 cm CE90/LE90 or better.

Small Orders

The minimum order size of AES data is the smallest of all the standardized elevation products at 100 sq km per polygon.

Hard to Reach Geographies

The 8-meter AES is the highest resolution DEM offered without the use of ground control points. As such, this product is an excellent choice for hard to reach and/or unsafe geographies.

Customized Deliverables

AES data is the most customizable of the standardized DEM products with three resolutions offered in both DSM and DTM format. Further, breaklines can be added, roads flattened and a shaded relief map created to accompany the final DEM.