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Monthly Spotlight

A newly launched high-resolution satellite offering 70-cm panchromatic and 2.8-m multispectral images.

Find out more about our new GIS cloud to be released early in 2014.

A scalable and affordable imagery solution for your organization's data needs.

If you work in Chile, you need to check out this new offering.



Tips & Tech
GFAQ - What is GIS? - Is it a software package? Is it a science? Or maybe it's both, even neither?? Read More

Free For All - ArcGIS Courses - A selection of reputable websites with free ArcGIS training courses.  Read More
Free For All - Atacama Milky Way A star gazing video at its best! Read More
Out Of This World - A Very Nebulous Nebulae See how NASA is working to create 3D images of celestial beings for the blind and visually impaired. Read More
Reaching Orbit - Asteroids Revisited for the First Time for the Last Time - The first mission to monitor a comet by its side as it travels through our solar system. Read More
The Role of High-Resolution Imagery and GIS in Flood Relief Efforts in Colorado - The 2013 Boulder Floods were a test ground for new approaches to hazard mitigation and response. Read More

Featured Products

We take a tour of a local Colorado course this month.

A 12-meter DEM that will be available for even the cloudiest places on earth.

Features previews & online ordering of DigitalGlobe, Astrium & RapidEye data.

Geography Matters
Our Changing Landscape - Port of Shanghai - RapidEye imagery shows changes in container storage on the port. Read More
Small World - Mexico City, Mexico From Argentina we travel north to Mexico for this next stop on this tour of sister cities. Read More
Outside the Box - Reclaimed Water Is this source of water a viable solution for a thirsty planet? Read More
Back to School - Humanitarian Assistance - Spatial models help show best practices for disaster relief. Read More 
Apollo News Snippets - February 2014Snippets of interest for the geospatial community. Read More

Product Updates

Get a sense of imagery coverage during a three month window.

These medium resolution natural color mosaics are competitively priced.

Check our monthly article for details on updated SPOTMaps coverage.

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