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Imagery sales of the world's most advanced satellite, WorldView-3, have commenced!

Our new Chief of Sales is here to help with your geospatial needs!


Starting this month, there are important price changes that our readers should be aware of.


A rerun of our last month's article comparing of 40 and 50-cm GE1 and WV2 imagery.

Due to popular demand, discounts on older DigitalGlobe satellite images are back!


If you wire us money, please check out this article!

Tips & Tech
GFAQ - What is Ground Control? Part I - The first G-FAQ in a two-part series on selecting locations for ground control and surveying them. Read More
(Almost) Free For All - SpyMeSat - A fun, almost-free app for your cell phone that lets you track the position of satellites. Read More
Free For All - ScienceCasts A YouTube dedicated to the most nerd-ly of topics! Read More
Out of This World - Updates - A round of updates about NASA projects we have covered here in the past. Read More
Reaching Orbit - Commercial Space Flight Details on NASA's plan to break our reliance on Russian space technology. Read More
Featured Products

A scalable and affordable imagery solution for your organization's data needs.

Our next stop on the P1 tour of golf courses takes us to northern California wine country.


If you work in Chile, you need to check out this new offering.

Example Image - 150 x 100 pixels
A high-resolution satellite launched in 2012 offering 70-cm panchromatic and 2.8-m multispectral images.  Read More
Geography Matters
Our Changing Landscape - Carroll Glacier - RapidEye imagery shows changes in one of Alaska's iconic glaciers since 2009. Read More
Small World - Kaohsiung, Taiwan From Texas, we travel around the world to Taiwan for this stop on our tour of sister cities. Read More
Outside the Box - Superfund Sites A story of past environmental damage that continues to cause modern problems. Read More
Back to School - Environmental Sensitivity - GIS helps ease the impact of trail system overuse in Poland. Read More 
Apollo News Snippets - October 2014Snippets of interest for the geospatial community. Read More
Product Updates

An online imagery search engine that features previews and online ordering of DigitalGlobe, Airbus and RapidEye data.

Stats on P1 collections over Scandinavia during summer 2014.

Find out more about our new GIS cloud to be released in 2014.

Check out our monthly update on the ready-to-go coverage for this global 12-meter elevation model.

Check our monthly article for details on updated SPOTMaps coverage.
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