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Posted on August 3rd, 2021

New Pléiades Neo 3 Images and an Update on Neo 4!

Sandy beaches and deep blue waters await you in Bora Bora, French Polynesia (Copyright: Airbus DS 2021).

Airbus has released a cache of new sample images from their recently launched 30-centimeter (cm) Pléiades Neo 3 satellite. The debut 30-cm Neo 3 images don’t disappoint, showing surprising detail and rich colors. Even at high off-nadir angles, Neo 3 maintains sharp lines and no discernible degradation of quality. The deep, complex blues off the coast of Bora Bora in French Polynesia makes you want to dip your toes in the water and walk on the sandy beaches.

Exquisite 30-cm Neo 3 resolution is on display in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China (Copyright: Airbus DS 2021).

It’s easy to spot people milling about in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China and in Istanbul, Turkey. From enticing beaches to industrial hubs, Pléiades Neo 3 is an excellent addition to Airbus’ existing high-resolution constellation with six 1.2-meter (m) multispectral bands and a 30-cm panchromatic band. We are eagerly awaiting the commercialization of Neo 3 in Q4 of 2021.

In the meantime, Airbus isn’t resting on its laurels, launching Pléiades Neo 4 in August of this year. With two satellites launched in 2021 and more to come, acquiring 30-cm imagery from anywhere in the world will become the standard. Keep an eye out for the Neo 4 launch in August and more spectacular imagery to follow!

Pléiades Neo 3 captures the ancient and structural wonder of Le Mont-St-Michel, France (Copyright: Airbus DS 2021).
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