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Posted on September 12th, 2012

Free For All – OSM to GPX or Garmin

As a follow up to my last Free For All about editing OpenStreetMap data with an ArcGIS toolbar, this month we have a look at a Windows’ GUI for converting OSM data into Garmin .IMG files. This can also be done using Mkgmap which is a command line Java program, though the GUI is more user-friendly if you’re not savvy with command line.

With this free GUI, you can access the most recent OpenStreetMap data or subsets with your GPS unit. A step-by-step walk through can be found here. While the GUI is free, if you find it especially helpful and awesome, you are encouraged to donate money to the hardworking coder and quiz enthusiast at

Katie Nelson

Geospatial Ninja

(303) 718-7163

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