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Posted on September 13th, 2022

Apollo News Snippets – September 2022

The NOAA extreme weather events map for July 2022 shows the 12th-smallest and the smallest (ever) recorded ice extents in the Artic and Antarctic Seas (respectively). It is also the second month in a row with a smallest-extent record set over Antarctica. North America experienced its second-warmest July ever while Asia had its third warmest on record followed by South America with its fourth warmest.
  • September 15th is El Salvador’s Independence Day, so in honor of this holiday our Google search of the month was, “El Salvador and GIS.” Of course there was a plethora of research in this search, with this one by Farahani et al. catching my attention on a GIS analysis of eating habits. In their study, the researches use a household-level GIS approach to understand how cooking, eating, food preparation, etc. cluster to create distinct regions for an efficient, productive use of space.

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