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Posted on May 1st, 2018

Your Imagery Work Break – March For Our Lives, DC

We love maps.

We love imagery.

We love work breaks.

We hope you like them as well!

(Images Courtesy: DigitalGlobe. Processed by Apollo Mapping for improved color accuracy and clarity.)

We are sooo happy it’s May and warm weather has arrived finally! You definitely need a work break to celebrate the coming days of summer but before you head outside, check out this 50-centimeter WorldView-2 image collected on March 24, 2018 over the Washington D.C. March For Our Lives. The nationwide event planned by survivors of the Parkland, Florida gun massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School was expected to draw some 500,000 marchers but in the end the crowd estimates were 800,000 or more! Whether you own a gun or you do not, the point of the March For Our Lives was to put national attention on an issue we need to solve, i.e. the ever increasing scourge of gun violence here in the United States. These youngsters are doing amazing work and Apollo Mapping supports them in everything they are working towards.

Have a great rest of your workday!

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