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Posted on May 1st, 2018

Map Mavin Methods – HUGE Performance Updates & A New Basemap!

This month we’ve seen more changes to our Map Mavin platform than ever and can’t wait to share some of them with you! Thanks to some new and incredibly talented additions to our development team, progress has been moving faster than ever here at Apollo Mapping and we know you’ll be as excited about it as we are. There’s a lot to cover here and much more to come, so for this month we’ll be looking at our improvements to raster data load-time as well as our own brand-new basemap that we think is, well, pretty awesome!

On many web mapping platforms loading even a single .tiff file can slow the entirety of a project down to a snail’s pace. We are admittedly all-too-familiar with this problem and faced it ourselves for quite some time. But with our entirely overhauled new version of Map Mavin, slow loading speeds with imagery are a thing of the past! We’re confident that you’ll find no other mapping solution that is faster at loading both vector-data and large raster datasets such as satellite imagery together on a single map. You’ll definitely want to take a look at the video for seeing truly is believing!

This month we’ll be looking at two drastic changes to our Map Mavin system: near instantaneous loadtime for even the biggest of raster layers and a whole new base-map we’ve constructed in-house!

But we haven’t stopped there! Myself and my much more awesome partner-in-crime Katie Nelson have been toiling away at creating the best possible basemap to suit any web GIS need that could possibly come your way; and are happy to announce that it’s ready for takeoff. Introducing Apollo Bright, an entirely open-source and aesthetically pleasing basemap with a minimalist approach that makes just about any spatial layer shine! We worked hard to ensure a balance between vital features and clean, light space and colors to avoid the clutter too often found in today’s limited commercial basemap options. It too is lightning fast and we encourage you to check it out with Map Mavin or on our satellite imagery search engine, Image Hunter, where it is already live and kicking!

Until next month!

Fletcher Berryman
Cloud Tamer
(970) 710-0909

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