Posted on May 1st, 2018

Apollo News Snippets – May 2018

The temperature percentile departure map for March 2018 paints a varied view of our global climate as much of Europe was cooler than average while huge pockets of record warmth persisted over the Middle East and central Asia.
  • The March 2018 NOAA global climate report is out and I bet you are not surprised to find out that March 2018 was the 399th consecutive month with a temperature average above that of the 20th It was also the 5th hottest March on record in 139 years. The rate of decadal temperature increase is now 0.08 degrees Celsius (0.14 Fahrenheit) – which is more than double the rate of increase in 1980. But, you know global climate change is a Chinese hoax, please!
  • May the fourth be with you! In honor of Star Wars day on May 4th, my Google search was, “Star Wars and GIS.” And okay, this is not a serious article, but love it, GIS teachers are definitely Jedis!
  • Last month we were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for our monthly review of city GIS websites and for May we stay close by with a look at Overland Park, Kansas’ online GIS presence. And similar to last month, the landing page for the GIS team is little more than a holding tank for access to a collection of maps. Overland Park offers a set of printable maps in PDF format here; and then also a large collection of online maps here, one drawback with the online maps is that they require a Flash Player so they are not viewable on all browsers.

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