Posted on September 4th, 2018

Welcome to the Next Generation of Web Mapping – Introducing Apollo Mapping’s Map Mavin!

Apollo Mapping, the leading reseller of satellite imagery in the United States, announced the release of the latest version of Map Mavin, an online web-mapping software.

Map Mavin is a cloud-based platform geared towards the open sharing of GIS data. Do you have GIS data you need to share with users who don’t have GIS software or mapping experience? For $35 a month you can share maps with other users without the expense of GIS software. This Basic Admin account lets you host up to 5 GB of data layers, create an unlimited number of web maps and share these maps with other users around the world. Maps made in a Basic Admin account can be password protected, set to private or open to the public. You can make layers editable or read-only. The power is in the hands of the user.

Viewing maps created on Map Mavin is free and all online, no need to download software or host it on your computer. Map Viewers can talk to users and share their screen using Map Mavin’s Screen Share. They can edit layers and mark up the map with ease.

Use Map Mavin with or without your existing GIS systems to share maps and data in minutes. Get the data you need from people in the field, with minimal training. Map Mavin is opening doors for people around the world to solve problems with a geospatial mindset.

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