Posted on September 4th, 2018

Deimos-1 – A Budget Friendly Landsat 7 Replacement

A 22-meter false color image collected by Deimos-1 over San Francisco, California, USA on 5/22/2012. (Image Courtesy: Astrium GeoInformation Services, Deimos Imaging)

Are you a regular user of Landsat 7 data but are tired of the scan line errors?

Perhaps you are frustrated by the inability to find Landsat 8 data within the time frame you need?

Or maybe you are working on a regional land-use model that needs low-cost and recent imagery over an entire country?

Whatever your reason is for needing low-cost, medium resolution imagery, Deimos-1 is the solution. With all price points at or below 25-cents per square kilometer (sq km), Deimos-1 offers three-band (i.e. green, red and near-infrared) 22-meter resolution as both a new collection and from a growing archive.

A 22-meter false color image collected by Deimos-1 over rural Minnesota, USA on 7/31/2012. (Image Courtesy: Astrium GeoInformation Services, Deimos Imaging)

Since its launch in 2009, Deimos-1 has already amassed an archive that covers billions of square kilometers. Many locations have data that spans the entire growing season, making it an effective replacement for the failing Landsat 7 mission. And for those who need imagery collected on a regular basis over a wide-area, Deimos-1 can deliver with its 625-km wide footprint.

As an added bonus, you can now search for archived DEIMOS-1 data in Image Hunter!

For more information on the medium resolution satellite, Deimos-1, you can refer to our website or send us an email at

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