Posted on September 13th, 2022

Vega C and Pléiades Neo 5/6 Update

Here is a 30-cm Pléiades Neo satellite imagery collected over Chicago, Illinois, USA on May 23, 2022.PLÉIADES © CNES 2022.

The European space agency celebrated the successful inaugural flight of the Vega C launcher on July 13, 2022. Designed and manufactured by AVIO, an Italian company located near Rome, the Vega C rocket is the future of European launch vehicles and will ensure their independence in space exploration. It’s not a surprise there’s no lack of interest in the new launch rocket as Vega C is staring down a full schedule of seven confirmed missions.

The Pléiades Neo constellation grabbed a prime spot as the first commercial launch planned in November 2022. Thanks to Airbus’ engineering ingenuity and the larger payload of the Vega C launcher, Pléiades Neo 5 and 6 will launch together. Once operational, the full four-satellite Pléiades Neo constellation will be the only 30-cm-resolution constellation in orbit and will have an unprecedented twice-daily revisit schedule.

30-cm Pléiades Neo is fully funded and operated by Airbus, allowing for complete commercial access to the satellite without federal governments claiming satellite time in exchange for their initial investment. All these factors mean more data than ever before – from more accessible and speedy tasking opportunities to an incredible archive open to everyone. Coupled with more ground stations, Pléiades Neo is likely to dominate the commercial satellite imagery space for many years to come.

Vega C will also launch KOMPSAT-7 for the Korean Aerospace Research Institute, Theos-2 for the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency of Thailand, and Formosat-7R for Taiwan. They also have a full load of institutional missions from the European Space Agency to the French and Italian space programs. Vega C also has a modular Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) to launch more than 50 small spacecraft at once into three different reference orbits. We’re bound to receive more exciting announcements about the Vega C launcher and its future payloads so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about 30-cm Pléiades Neo data availability and/or pricing, let us know by email at anytime by reaching out to

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