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Global Advanced Elevation Series (AES)

DigitalGlobe’s Advanced Elevation Series (AES)is a suite of elevation products that are reasonably priced with global coverage. By utilizing existing archive coverage and their constellation of 50-cm WorldView satellites, DigitalGlobe is able to offer an industry first: global elevation data … Read more

Need Elevation Data? You Should Consider the DigitalGlobe Elevation Series (AES)

An animated comparisons of free 90-m SRTM, free 30-m ASTER GDEM and reasonably priced 8-meter DigitalGlobe Mapping DSM elevation data. (Data Sources: CIGAR, ERSDAC and DigitalGlobe)An animated comparisons of hill shades derived from free 90-m SRTM, free 30-m ASTER… Read more

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