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Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Price Changes to Advanced Elevation Series DEMs

An animated comparison of 2-meter AES elevation models created over Dunedin, New Zealand; the first image is a DSM and the second is a DTM. (Data Source: DigitalGlobe)

In the past month, Maxar-DigitalGlobe announced changes to the pricing of its 2 to 8-meter Advanced Elevation Series (AES) of digital elevation models (DEMs). While the changes look significant on our price list, the actual price points did not change. What did change is straight forward pricing for add-ons such as contour lines as well as a bundled digital surface model (DSM) and digital terrain model (DTM) option. Further, DEMs of the same resolution can now be delivered at a range of accuracies, allowing for high-resolution DEM creation without the need for ground control points (but also without a known absolute accuracy).

If you would like a revised price list which includes the new AES pricing models or you need a hand with a DeM price quote, send us an email at In the meantime, you can find additional information on the AES product series on our website here.

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