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Posted on May 3rd, 2016

Apollo News Snippets – May 2016

    The March 2016 Temperature Percentiles map which shows record warmth across large areas of the Southern Hemisphere with only small pockets of cooler than average weather in Canada and South America.
  • Another month passes and another temperature record is set for March 2016 according to the most recent NOAA climate report. Here is a breakdown of the disturbing climate figures. March was the hottest March in the 137 year record, and also the 11th time in a row that a monthly global temperature record was set. March 2016 is also the hottest month ever measured in the 1,635 months on record – beating the former record by 0.02 degrees Fahrenheit which was set in February. The world just keeps getting hotter – maybe the tumbling temperature records will finally put some pressure on Washington DC to address climate change.
  • May 26th marks the 76th Anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation during World War II (WWII) and in honor of this tragic memorial, my Google Search of the month was, “GIS and Dunkirk evacuation.” If you peel through the list of results, you might come across this thesis by Sourabh Gupta of San Diego State University who develops a GIS and Java-based application about WWII. It would be really cool if we could find this website somewhere on the world-wide Interwebs!
  • From the northern state of South Dakota, we travel east to Tennessee for a review of their largest city’s GIS website, Memphis (which is about 45,000 residents larger than Nashville). And while the city’s GIS landing page is nothing to write home about, they do feature a wide variety of great web maps here, including demographics, parcels and zoning. There are also several ways to access a variety of web maps that appear to be older versions – I would avoid these. If you need to download the actual rasters and vectors that make up these web maps, you can access these files here but note that they are for the entire state of Tennessee, not just Memphis.

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