Posted on March 5th, 2024

New 5-meter WorldDEM Neo Level 2 DTM + DSM Sample Ready to Download

We got our hands on a new 5-meter (m) Level 2 sample of Airbus’ WorldDEM Neo DTM product! Our customers can now download the sample from our website. Along with the Level 2 DTM is a 5-m resolution DSM and Level 1 DTM to compare the difference between the three products and find the one that best suits your needs.

A green-to-purple scaled 5-meter WorldDEM Neo Level 2 DTM sample from Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA.

The WorldDEM Neo 5-m DSM is the most economical DEM choice with the least amount of processing done to it, thus all the surface features are intact. The Level 1 DTM product removes surface features using an automated process, while the Level 2 DTM product comes with manual processing and increased production effort for better accuracy. DTM processing includes the removal of surface structures from WorldDEM Neo DSM such as built-up areas and tall vegetation. Level 2 DTM processing incorporates the refinement of land cover borders before reducing elevation to the terrain level. It also extends the preservation of ridge lines and canyons with the precise modelling of transport structures like bridges, motorways, embankments; and then detailing the extents of hydrographic features like water bodies, reservoirs, and rivers, and respective alignment of their water surface heights.

Download our sample WorldDEM Neo DSM and DTM dataset for free today!

And if you have any questions about 5-m WorldDEM Neo products, send us an email anytime at

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