Free For All - Earth as Art - Apollo Mapping
Posted on January 10th, 2013

Free For All – Earth as Art

Through Earth as Art, NASA makes fascinating and beautiful images of our home planet freely available and easily accessible to the public. This compilation of Earth-centric imagery pulls from a full range of NASA satellites and their many band combinations to create imagery worthy of any museum. To celebrate the many years of discovery and observation, the ‘best’ Earth as Art images have been compiled into a publication. Each image is accompanied by a brief description of the natural phenomenon captured, the imaging satellite and some interesting facts about the local geography.

Salt lakes and sand dunes inhabit the Turpan Depression at the foot of the Bogda Mountains in China.
What appears to ba an impact crater in Mauritania is actually a volcanic dome that hardened and eroded over time, revealing varying layers of rock.

The publication is available as a PDF download or as an iPad app.

You can access the PDF file here.

The iPad application can be downloaded here.

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