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Posted on September 7th, 2021

Apollo News Snippets – September 2021

The NOAA extreme weather events map shows that Asia had its warmest July on record while Europe had its second warmest; and in conflicting news, the Antartic Sea ice extent was the largest since 2015 while the Arctic Sea ice extent was the fourth-smallest for July.
  • The July 2021 NOAA Global Climate report is out and it confirms that July 2021 was the warmest July on record since 1880. And since July is the warmest month of the year, this was also the hottest month ever recorded. How hot was it? Well, we were some 1.67°F (0.93°C) above the 20th Century temperature average – and in fact nine of the ten warmest Julys on record have happened since 2010 – scary stuff folks…
  • September 14th is International Crab Fest Day so in honor of this food-driven party, our Google search of the month was, “Crab and GIS.” And of course this was an easy one to find academic publications about, in particular this thesis by Olaf Jensen caught my attention as it focuses on the spatial ecology of Maryland Blue Crabs – I grew up in Maryland so this is near and dear to my heart! In this paper, Jensen uses a variety of spatial analytic techniques to determine the factors that control habitat selection and the location of mature female crabs.

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