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Posted on January 9th, 2024

Apollo News Snippets – January 2024

The NOAA extreme weather map shows that Hong Kong reported its second-warmest November on record while Japan noted its warmest autumn on record. The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season saw an above-average number of named storms but near-normal numbers of hurricanes and major hurricanes. (Image Credit: NOAA Global Climate Report)
  • The November 2023 NOAA Global Climate Report has been released and reveals plenty of reason to be concerned. The November 2023 average global surface temperature ranked the highest for the month of November since global records started being kept in 1850, which is the eighth consecutive month to exhibit such record-setting high temps. South America, Africa and Asia each experienced their warmest November on record. November 2023 ranked second warmest on record for North America and fifth warmest for Oceania. Europe tied with 2003 levels to experience its 15th warmest November on record. Temperatures were above average across most of North America, western and southern Europe, Oceania and the Arctic. Sea surface temperatures were above average across much of the northern and western Pacific, as well as the central and southern Atlantic and the western Indian Oceans. Record-warm temperatures covered nearly 13% of the world’s surface this November, which was the highest percentage for November since the start of records in 1951. Sea surface temperatures were near to below average across parts of the southeastern Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and the northern Atlantic Ocean. Less than 1 percent of the world’s surface set a record-cold in November.

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