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Posted on December 5th, 2023

Apollo News Snippets – December 2023

The NOAA extreme weather map shows that the Arctic Sea ice extent ranked seventh lowest on record, while the Antarctic hit a record low for the sixth consecutive month. The region of Ghana was hit by severe flooding, forcing the evacuation of over 26,000 people. There were also some major storms in October, including Hurricane Otis and Cyclone Lola. (Image Credit: NOAA Global Climate Report)
  • The October 2023 NOAA Global Climate Report has been released and the alarming trends continue. October 2023 joins September 2023, having an average global surface temperature that ranked highest for the month since record collecting began in 1850! This is nothing to take lightly folks. North and South America experienced higher than average temperatures in October; as did western, eastern, and southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Arctic. Italy, Spain, Peru, Bolivia, and many other countries had their warmest October ever. The sea surface temperatures in the northern, western, and eastern Pacific, as well as, the northern Atlantic and Indian oceans were above average. 11% of the World’s surface experienced record-warm temperatures in October, which is the highest percentage in October since 1951.
  • December 1 is World’s AIDS Day. In honor of this, our Google search was, “AIDS and GIS”. We came across a MEASURE evaluation fact sheet, featured on dedicated to the treatment and intervention of AIDS/HIV. The article goes into great detail about how new MEASURE evaluation techniques are being implemented, using GIS map data such as those from the World Health Organization to show the location of facilities and the types of treatment offered. Check it out here.

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