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Posted on January 10th, 2023

Apollo News Snippets – January 2023

The NOAA extreme weather map for November 2022 shows below average sea ice extents in both the Arctic and Antarctic Seas. November saw six tropical storms, four of which reached cyclone level strength. (Credit: NOAA’s State of the Climate Reports)
  • The November NOAA Global Climate Report is out and, though the chill of winter has set in, the November 2022 average global surface temperature was the 9th warmest since recording started in 1880. Although the November global temperature was high, the contiguous U.S. was below average, while Hong Kong experienced their warmest autumn on record. The Arctic Sea ice extent was the 8th smallest extent on record; and the Antarctic Sea ice extent was the 5th lowest on record. These lower-than-average ice extents prove once again that our planet is changing rapidly.
  • Did you know that January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day? In honor, our Google search of the month was, “Chocolate and GIS”. We found this article by Tunrayo Alabi of the International Institute of Tropical agriculture in Nigeria, titled A Milti-Criteria GIS Site Selection for Sustainable Cocoa Development in West Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria. In this article we learn that at least 16 million people depend on cocoa for their annual income, but only $100/person/year is earned from farming the crop. It identifies the need to optimize the cocoa farming system, minimize the environmental impacts of farming, and improve the socio-economic dynamics. This study uses GIS and Multi-Criteria Land Evaluation techniques to identify areas with the potential for intensified cocoa farming while maximizing household impact and avoiding deforestation. If you’re curious about the process for growing, harvesting and processing cocoa, check out this Youtube video!

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