Posted on April 1st, 2014

Apollo News Snippets – April 2014

politics_mapI bet you didn’t know that the House of Representatives and the Senate each have 21 committees?!
  • Are you a politics geek like me? If so, you need to check out this awesome website. It is a map of the Representatives and Senators sitting on each of the various committees. And even as a super politics geek, I had no clue how many committees there were and who sat on each!
  • Keeping in line with my focus on politics, this month I Googled the phrase, “GIS and politics,” and found this excellent piece written by Kenneth Bauer on changes in pasture boundaries in Tibet. In this study, Bauer completed extensive field work with local pastoralists to map current and historic field boundaries. He found that the boundaries had changed significantly through time and in ways that ecology alone could not explain.
  • From the heart of the Midwest, we travel to Louisville, Kentucky this month for an exploration of their online GIS resources. The city itself has a GIS site that leaves a lot to be desired, in fact all they offer is a collection of maps in PDF format that can be found here. Thankfully the Louisville/Jefferson County Information Consortium fills the void with a robust online mapping application offering a wide variety of vector layers (such as transportation, planning and environmental data) as well as historic aerial imagery.

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