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Remote Senselessness – Deadwalkers

Posted on November 3rd, 2015

I remember when I got my first cell phone in the spring of 2000. It was a PrimeCo brand and it was ridiculously expensive. I believe I paid $40 a month for 250 “anytime” minutes and then had maybe 1,000 minutes available after like 9 p.m. or something ridiculous. I was still an undergrad and it was a foolish expenditure and unnecessary. Fortunately it was a month-to-month plan so I wasn’t roped into anything; that experiment lasted a month. I didn’t need it, none of my friends had them at the time. In those days, people still stuck to their plans if they were to meet you, or at least you knew where the usual haunts were. It was, after all, college, and this was, after all, a college town. Not New York or Chicago where the possibilities are endless. And sometimes you just never crossed paths with those you had hoped to or intended to. That’s what the next morning was for, to recant the evening and all the shenanigans that took place. Another thing about the “good old days” (pre-cell phones) was that you couldn’t hide behind them and act as if you were doing something or talking … testContinue reading

GISrack – Apollo Mapping’s GIS Cloud

Posted on October 6th, 2015

In the coming months, Apollo Mapping will be unveiling the industry’s most affordable, scalable and secure spatial cloud, the GISrack. While we are busy building out the infrastructure and technology required to support the most flexible GIS cloud on the market, now is a great time to explain a bit about the GISrack. Some of you may have used other GIS cloud services in the past, and in many ways the GISrack will be similar to these. But the GISrack will distinguish itself in a variety of important manners. Here is a list of the key features that will be unique to the GISrack: Near-instant set-up – unlike other GIS clouds, the GISrack will take less than five minutes to sign up for, load data on to and get started using. No other cloud comes close to that flexibility. Tons of free spatial data – included with every subscription is access to more than 4 terabytes (TB) of free vector and raster data covering the United States and many parts of the world. A marketplace for spatial data – all users will have access to a library of spatial data that can be added to your GIS cloud. Further, users … testContinue reading

Apollo News Snippets – April 2014

Posted on April 1st, 2014

For this month’s focus on technology, we look at advancements in fuel sources and batteries.Technology often mimics nature and many of this month’s advancements fall in this vein, for instance self-healing silicon batteries. How about a wood-biochar based supercapacitor (or a super-charged battery) to power your camera flash? Bio-batteries are becoming quite popular and here is an idea to use Escherichia coli to convert glucose, a simple plant sugar, into energy. This group has designed a bio-battery based on quinones which are similar to the molecules plants and animals use to store energy. Fossil fuels are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions so finding renewable fuel sources could both lower the cost we pay at the gas pump and improve the environment. UC Berkeley researchers are reviving an old technology which uses bacteria to produce bio-diesel; while the US Department of Energy is employing a liquid algae slurry to produce crude oil. And this group is working with yeast to convert sugar into biodiesel. Finally, here are two more novel approaches to producing fuel from alternate sources: the US Navy is experimenting with converting seawater into jet fuel; and this British adventurer has used waste plastic bags to produce … testContinue reading

Free For All – Syncing Your Tech to their Tech

Posted on August 6th, 2013

This month’s Free For All isn’t geospatial centric but is certainly technology related. Tablets and smart phones are uber fun, allowing us to stream videos and music from the Internet. These devices have surpassed our televisions as entertainment sources. But these devices are so smaaaall…. Watching a movie on a small device is great when you don’t have other options and you’re on the go but sometimes you may want to stream a movie at home and you wish you could meld them together. Throwing your phone at the TV is not the solution. Never fear! Gizmodo has compiled a list and description of options that will help you assimilate your phone and television. You can access their list here. Gizmodo JPEG Katie Nelson Geospatial Ninja (303) 718-7163 [email protected]

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