Posted on February 2nd, 2021

An Update on SkySat Tasking, Pricing and Video Capabilities

As the 50-centimeter (cm) SkySat constellation has expanded over the past few years, its capabilities have also evolved; and so in line with these changes, Planet recently announced a plan to simplify the tasking process as well as tasking pricing. This short article summarizes these changes – if you would like a new price list that reflects these new capabilities and pricing, email us at and we will get right back to you!

A 50-cm color SkySat image collected over Madrid, Spain on April 3, 2020. (Image Courtesy: Planet, 2021)

Panchromatic Video Imaging

One of the most exciting changes in SkySat’s capabilities is the addition of video imaging. The 50-cm SkySat constellation can image panchromatic video over a specific location for up to 120-seconds – though Planet recommends a maximum of 60-seconds. Our new price list adds in video imaging for SkySat and as an added bonus, the SkySat video archive can now be queried on Image Hunter! Please note that some limited SkySat video will be 72-cm if imaged before July 2020 when the constellation was lowered to achieve 50-cm resolution.

Simplified Tasking

In the past, Planet offered a variety of prices for tasking a location monthly, weekly and so on. Now there is a unified cost for all 50-cm SkySat tasking, though a feasibility is required for a desired cadence (for example daily) before an order can be confirmed.

New Minimum Orders

The minimum order for SkySat tasking has been increased to $15,000 while the archive minimum of $5,000 remains the same. To reach the $15,000 tasking minimum order, you can request multiple locations and even combine video and mono tasking modes. And to reach the $5,000 minimum order, you can combine SkySat with any 3-meter PlanetScope or 5-meter RapidEye imagery. The minimum polygon size for both SkySat tasking and archive orders remains at 25 square kilometers (sq km).

If you have any additional questions about SkySat pricing, video imaging and/or tasking feasibilities, you can reach us any time at

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