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Posted on March 1st, 2022

Your Imagery Work Break – SpaceX SXM-7 Mission Launch

We love maps.

We love imagery.

We love work breaks.

We hope you like them as well!

Ah it’s March, that means the weather is turning the corner into full on Spring, finally! In honor of this change in temperature, it is time for a work break. But hold on, before you head out, take a quick peek at this 30-centimeter (cm) WorldView-3 imagery collected over Space Launch Complex 40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, USA on December 13, 2020. The image featured here was collected at 16:08:33 UTC just about one hour before the launch of SpaceX’s SXM-7 Mission, and right at the center of the 30-cm image you can see a Falcon 9 rocket preparing to launch. Interestingly, on board the partially reusable space rocket is SiriusXM’s SXM 7 digital broadcasting satellite which was actually built by Maxar – who also built WorldView-3 (the satellite that collected this image). Enjoy your early Spring walk!

Have a great rest of your workday! ☺

(Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe. Processed by Apollo Mapping for improved color accuracy and clarity.)

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