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Posted on November 4th, 2014

WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 Pricing Updates

There has been a slurry of pricing updates from DigitalGlobe with the long-awaited launch of WorldView-3, and this month is no exception.

As such, here is a handy summary of the current pricing changes and promotions available for DigitalGlobe satellite imagery products.

  1. There is a new price list for 30-cm satellite imagery products offered by DigitalGlobe. Please email the Apollo Mapping sales team at for additional details on these new prices. The new price list also includes changes to 8-band WorldView-2/3 archived and tasked imagery.
  2. 30-cm WorldView-3 products will not be available until Q1 2015. Check our monthly newsletter, The Geospatial Times, for details on exactly when 30-cm products will be made available.
  3. 40-cm and 50-cm tasking requests for WorldView-3 only will be subject to the new 30-cm resolution pricing table.
  4. New collections at 30-cm resolution will have regional prices dependent on the country that is being tasked. We can tell you more about the regional prices to expect if you email us at
  5. Through the end of 2014, requests for WorldView-3 only 40-cm tasking orders will be priced 50% off the list price.
  6. Any WorldView-3 order placed before February 25, 2015 are eligible for 50% off redelivery at 30-cm once the US government eases the resolution restriction.
  7. Through the end of 2014, customers based in the Americas who are also ordering data over the Americas will receive these discounts: (a)  8-band archive imagery at 4-band data pricing; and (b) 8-band tasked imagery for a 10% uplift on 4-band data pricing. There is a 25 square kilometer (sq km) minimum order for archive data and then 500 sq km for tasked imagery.
  8. There is a 50% off discount for DigitalGlobe imagery older than 18 months – you can find out more about this promotion here.

If you have questions about any of these WorldView-2/3 price changes and/or promotional discounts, please contact the Apollo Mapping sales team at

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