Posted on October 6th, 2015

Up to 35% Discounts on 30-cm WorldView-3 Imagery

Adelaide_Australia_WV3_30cm_color_11_27_2014_ENHANCE_IIA 30-cm color image collected by WorldView-3 over Adelaide, Australia on November 27, 2014. This image has been enhanced by Apollo Mapping. (Image Credit: DigitalGlobe)

We are excited to announce that now through December 31, 2015, all 30-centimeter pan and 1.2-meter multispectral WorldView-3 products are up to 35% off! This promotional pricing applies to all archive and tasking orders placed at 30-cm/1.2-m resolution. These orders would need to be placed with (not just quoted by) Apollo Mapping on or before December 31, 2015 to qualify for this discount.

If you any specific pricing requests, please send us an email at or call us at (303) 993-3863.

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2 responses to “Up to 35% Discounts on 30-cm WorldView-3 Imagery”

  1. Alex says:

    I wanted to get a quote on a 1 meter image?
    Also the particular area is very prone to cloud cover, is there way to wait or avoid taking an image until the area is clear of clouds?

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