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Map Mavin Case Study – School Choices by Neighborhood in Chicago

Posted on October 2nd, 2018

What do parents and real estate professionals have in common? They both know how big of a role schools play in the process of choosing where people want to live. Education options have a huge effect on home values, with access to good public schools being one of the main reasons people with kids decide to move to another area. In some regions (parts of California, for example) property taxes are the main source of tax dollars for a school. Thus good schools increase home values, home values rise and the increased tax revenue pours back into schools improving them further and creating a growth cycle on both ends. While this is not the case in every part of America, access to good schools is nevertheless a top concern of many homebuyers. This is of particular concern in large cities that have wide disparities in school quality. Chicago, IL is known for this, and with school attendance zones not necessarily lining up with the rough boundaries of neighborhoods, a prospective home buyer (or renter) can be left in the dark. Using Map Mavin, a real estate professional can easily create and share a map with his or her clients without … testContinue reading

Your Imagery Work Break – 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Celebration

Posted on July 11th, 2017

(Images Courtesy: DigitalGlobe. Processed by Apollo Mapping for improved color accuracy and clarity.) We love maps. We love imagery. We love work breaks. We hope you like them as well! It’s mid-summer and baseball season is in full swing, have you been watching? Either way, you need a work break but before you head out, check out this approximately 60-centimeter GeoEye-1 image collected at a high tilt angle over the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series celebration at 10:14AM on November 4, 2016. With an estimated 5 million in attendance, the World Series celebration ranks as the 7th largest in recorded history – wow! Go Cubs Go!! Have a great rest of your workday!

The Pléiades 1 Stadium of the Month – Wrigley Field

Posted on June 6th, 2017

Last month we celebrated the start of the MLB season with a look at Brock’s favorite “hometown” stadium in Baltimore, and in May, we check out Fletcher’s favorite stadium, the truly iconic Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois – Go Cubs! Name & Its Origin: Originally called Weeghman Park, in 1920 the name was changed to Cubs Park when the Wrigley family bought the stadium – and then by 1926, the park was renamed Wrigley Field in honor of the owner, William Wrigley, Jr. Location: Wrigley Field is located on the north-side of Chicago, about 5 miles (9 kilometers) from downtown, in the appropriately named neighborhood of Wrigleyville. The ballpark is just under 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) from the shores of Lake Michigan at about 600 feet (183 meters) above sea level. Stadium Capacity/Size, Architect & Build Date: Designed by Zachary Davis, Wrigley Field was built in just six weeks starting on March 4, 1914 and then finished by MLB’s Opening Day on April 23rd – holy wow!! The original seating capacity of then Weeghman Park was just 14,000 and since 1914 the stadium has seen round after round of upgrades (here is a nice summary of the upgrades), with a … testContinue reading

Mapping for Good – Chicago Health Atlas

Posted on December 6th, 2016

In this month’s edition of Mapping for Good, we’ll take a look at how maps are being used to make sense of the daunting web of resources available to people in need. In a giant city, it can at times be difficult, if not impossible, to figure out where to turn when looking for health resources. The city of Chicago, Illinois is one that has been in the news lately and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons (aside from the Cubs breaking a 108 winning streak in an incredible seven-game World Series). Violent crime and public health crises dominate the headlines and make understanding the ongoing situation challenging at best. Fortunately, a group of hospitals, non-profits, government organizations and universities has banded together to create the Chicago Health Atlas. As described by its creators, the Chicago Health Atlas is, “a place where you can view citywide information about health trends and take action near you to improve your health”. The service seeks primarily to achieve two goals. First, it provides extensive information on health trends neighborhood by neighborhood, with public health data covering everything from the prevalence of diabetes and health insurance coverage rates to drug use and murder rates. … testContinue reading

30-cm Color WorldView-3 Image of the Month – Chicago, Illinois

Posted on November 1st, 2016

Every time we look at WorldView-3 (WV3) imagery, we are blown away. And we hope you are equally impressed with the data! In October we featured a pristine rural image of Detian Falls in Vietnam/China, and this month we travel back to the States with a look at Chicago, Illinois for this WV3 Image of the Month. PLEASE NOTE: Effective May 2016, WorldView-3 prices dropped again! Are you interested in finding out more about these price drops? If so, send us an email at [email protected] Brock’s parents live in the Chicago suburbs so his visit back home in September prompted this WV3 image of the month. And while we would love to feature a summer image of the Windy City, the only cloud-free option was from November 4, 2015. Given that this image is from the fall, there are deep shadows and the greens are less intense, but you still get three nice views of the downtown loop here. If you have never taken the voyage out to Adler Planetarium to check out the view of Chicago, make sure you do next time you are in the city! (Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe) WorldView-3 launched in late 2014 and it is the … testContinue reading

Apollo News Snippets – December 2013

Posted on December 3rd, 2013

Every now and then I get overwhelmed by a selection of great technology articles that really have no consistent theme. So this month I feature a smorgasbord of interesting finds I made over the past few months.Have you ever wondered why some people are ignored by mosquitoes and others are constantly bitten, this research suggests it could be due to microbes. And here is an idea to track malaria, a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes, with cell phones. There is a new lightest material in the world, aerographite, replacing the old champion, graphene. But fear not graphene as scientists are finding new uses for you constantly, such as cooling electronics and a stretchable version. Is there a way for plants to create nitrogen from the air? These researchers think so and if they are correct, this is a world-changing advancement. A plant-inspired coating may create self-cleaning glass – won’t that be great for windows! And can we create self-cooling windows by mimicking nature? A map put together by the folks at BillSportMaps.com showing average attendance in 2007 for the programs drawing more than 40,000 fans per football game. You can see that the top 10 of this list is dominated … testContinue reading

Small World – Navy Pier, Sweet Home, Chicago

Posted on October 7th, 2013

The Windy City, one of the most spectacular large cities in the country, if not the world, is situated just off Lake Michigan in the northeastern corner of Illinois. As Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah sing in their classic anthem about the town’s legendary thoroughfare, Lake Shore Drive: Running south on Lake Shore Drive heading into town just slippin’ on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound. And it starts up north from Hollywood, water on the driving side. Concrete mountains rearing up, throwing shadows just about five. Sometimes you can smell the green if your mind is feeling fine. There ain’t no finer place to be, than running Lake Shore Drive. The Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain is on par with Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. Every hour, on the hour, the fountain sprays a beautiful water display with jet streams up to 150 feet in the air for 20 minutes. Image captured August 28, 2010 by the 50-cm satellite WorldView-2, and comes courtesy of DigitalGlobe. Photo enhanced by Apollo Mapping. Every time I hear that song, I long for the Indian summer weekends spent in Chi-Town.  But where did its main alias, “the Windy City,” come from? Often, people attribute the … testContinue reading

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