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Posted on February 4th, 2012

New SPOTMaps Mosaics Available Over India and Madagascar

Astrium Services is proud to announce that new SPOTMaps mosaics over the countries of India and Madagascar have been added to the database.
SPOTMaps products provide nationwide or regional coverage derived from orthorectified SPOT 5 color satellite images at a resolution of 2.5-meters.

Framed according to your area, SPOTMaps are the ideal geographic reference for your visualization, mapping and planning needs. SPOTMaps is today available over more than 100 countries, representing a total of 84 million km². This coverage is growing and updated every month.
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The SPOTMap’s Advantages

  • Seamless, uniform 2.5-meter coverage across whole national and regional territories
  • Color basemaps offering high positional accuracy
  • Suitable for working at scales up to 1:10,000
  • Complements all types of georeferenced databases
  • Colors faithfully reflect true landscape colors
  • Value for your budget
  • Recent and ready for rapid delivery
  • Integrates directly with your GIS
  • Multiuser licenses are available if required

For more information on SPOTMaps, including pricing and coverage details, please contact Apollo Mapping at or (303) 993-3863.

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