Posted on October 7th, 2014

Sales of WorldView-3 Imagery Commence – Pricing and New Collection Details

Apollo Mapping is pleased to announce that starting immediately, sales of high-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 have commenced! Launched in mid-August, WorldView-3 is the most technologically advanced satellite the world has ever seen, featuring 29 bands of spectral data as well as resolution up to 31-centimeters (cm). For those of you who have not heard of WorldView-3, here is a summary of the its key specifications:

  • Spectral Bands
    • Panchromatic
    • 8-band multispectral (coastal, blue, green, yellow, red, red edge, NIR-1 and NIR-2)
    • 8-band shortwave infrared (SWIR)
    • 12-band CAVIS (corrects for Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice and Snow)
  • Sensor Resolution
    • At nadir – 31-cm panchromatic, 1.24-meter (m) multispectral, 3.7-m SWIR and 30.0-m CAVIS
    • 20° off-nadir – 34-cm panchromatic, 1.38-m multispectral, 4.1-m SWIR and ~33-m CAVIS
  • Dynamic Range
    • 11-bits, panchromatic and multispectral)
    • 14-bits, SWIR and CAVIS
  • Footprint Width
    • 13.1 kilometers (km; at nadir)
  • Single Pass Maximum Collection Geometry (at 30° off-nadir)
    • Mono – 66.5 km x 112 km (5 strip wide)
    • Stereo – 26.6 km x 112 km (2 pairs wide)
  • Daily Collection Capacity
    • 680,000 sq km
  • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy
    • < 3.5-m CE90 (global average, dependent on terrain)

Along with the excitement announcement that WorldView-3 sales are to start in October, here are several additional changes to take note of with regards to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery offerings:

WorldView_3Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation played an integral role in the construction and launch of DigitalGlobe’s advanced high-resolution satellite, WorldView-3.
  1. There is a new price list available for 30-cm satellite imagery products offered by DigitalGlobe. Please email the Apollo Mapping sales team at [email protected] for additional details on these new prices.
  2. 30-cm WorldView-3 products will not be available until Q1 2015. Please check our monthly newsletter, The Geospatial Times, for details on exactly when 30-cm products will be made available.
  3. 40-cm and 50-cm tasking requests for WorldView-3 only will be subject to the new 30-cm resolution pricing table.
  4. New collections at 30-cm resolution will have regional prices dependent on the country that is being tasked. We can tell you more about the regional prices to expect if you email us at [email protected].

If you have any questions about sales of WorldView-3 data and/or the new pricing to take effect for 30-cm DigitalGlobe imagery products, please send us an email at [email protected].

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  1. Jacob says:

    Great news. I have requested pricing for India.

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