Posted on May 6th, 2014

Pléiades 1 and SPOT 6 Policy Change – Lower Standard Cloud Cover Threshold for Tasking Orders

Starting immediately, we are happy to announce that Airbus Defense and Space has changed the standard cloud cover threshold for all Pléiades 1 and SPOT 6 tasking orders to 10% or less. In the past, a 10% or less cloud cover request on Pléiades 1 added $5 per square kilometer (sq km) to the cost of tasking (it was not offered on SPOT 6), so this is a significant savings to our clients.

The minimum order for Pléiades 1 tasking remains at 100 sq km and then 500 sq km for SPOT 6.

As a note to our valued clients, while this 10% or less threshold will be offered on all Airbus tasking orders, we do suggest a 15% cloud cover or less threshold in cloudy and/or highly competitive regions to increase the number of tasking attempts and thus reduce the time to collect.

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