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Posted on February 4th, 2020

New Product Offering – 15/30-cm Stereo Images & 40/80-cm DSMs; Plus Updated Aerial Imagery Pricing!

With the New Year often comes new pricing and products, and 2020 is no exception to this rule! So in this article we are excited to offer two updates on HxGN aerial imagery which we feature in Image Hunter now: (1) a simpler pricing model for 2020; and (2) new product offerings, i.e. stereo images and digital surface models (DSMs).

The new aerial imagery pricing model is streamlined with flat per square kilometer costs across all 15-centimeter (cm) and 30-cm vintages, varying by region (i.e. the United States, Hawaii/Puerto Rico and Europe).

In addition to the 15-cm and 30-cm aerial imagery products we already offer, we are excited to announce two new HxGN offerings: stereo images and DSMs. Both of these new HxGN products have the same geographic extent as their aerial imagery layer and can be queried anytime on Image Hunter. Optical stereo pairs are delivered in both natural and false color at 15-cm and 30-cm resolutions (as is available in the archive). Here is a more detailed summary of the product specifications for these 15/30-cm high-resolution stereo pairs:

  • Resolution: 15-cm and 30-cm
  • Geographic Coverage: Europe & the United States (as available)
  • Spectral Bands: natural color & false color (CIR)
  • Bit Depth: 16-bit
  • Horizontal Accuracy (XY): 0.5-m RMSE, 1.07-m CE90%
  • Product Format: GeoTIFF with appropriate stereo models and exterior orientation parameters
  • Coordinate System: UTM IRTF2008 (Europe), UTM NAD83 (USA)
  • Nominal Stereo Ground Sampling Distance (GSD): ~20-cm for 15-cm aerial locations; ~40-cm for 30-cm locations
  • Control Systems: onboard GPS/IMU plus bundle adjustment with ground control points

From these 15-cm and 30-cm stereo pairs, Hexagon has extracted 40-cm or 80-cm DSMs (respectively) which are ready for off-the-shelf delivery. Featuring exceptional horizontal and vertical accuracies, these DSMs cover much of the United States and Europe. Here is a more detailed summary of the DSM product specifications:

  • DEM Type: digital surface model (DSM)
  • Resolution: 40-cm and 80-cm point clouds (de-noised and intermediate resolutions available too); 5-m raster grid
  • Geographic Coverage: Europe & the United States (as available)
  • Horizontal Accuracy (XY): 1.2-m RMSE, 2.6-m CE90%
  • Vertical Accuracy (Z): 2X nominal stereo GSD
  • Product Format: compressed LAZ (point cloud), GeoTIFF (raster grid)
  • Coordinate System (horizontal, vertical): UTM IRTF2008, EGM08 (Europe); UTM NAD83, NAV88 (USA)

15-cm and 30-cm HxGN aerial imagery coverage, including these new DSM and stereo imagery products, can be searched for anytime on Image Hunter.

If you would like additional details and/or pricing on any of these new product offerings or an updated aerial imagery price list, send us an email at and we will get right back to you!

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