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Posted on November 7th, 2023

New Pricing For 70-cm Panchromatic EROS B!

A 68-cm EROS B image collected over Saqqarah, Egypt on February 23, 2013.

A quick announcement, we updated pricing for all formats of EROS B imagery this month. EROS B 70-cm panchromatic imagery is now priced at $10 per square kilometer (sq km) for imagery that’s at least 30 days old. For newer imagery the price is $14 per sq km. If you’re looking to collect fresh EROS B imagery, the cost is $16 per sq km.

We’re looking forward to adding new satellites from ImageSat International to Image Hunter soon, especially EROS C which is capable of collecting 4-band 30-cm imagery. Stay tuned for more updates as we’ll let you know here when 30-cm imagery is available and its pricing. For a copy of our most recent price list, email us at

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