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Posted on September 12th, 2013

New Minimum Order Sizes and Pricing for SPOT 6 Imagery

Starting immediately, we are happy to announce reduced minimum order sizes and new pricing for medium resolution SPOT 6 imagery. As a quick recap to our readers, SPOT 6 is able to deliver 1.5-meter pansharpened 4-band imagery with a footprint that is 60-kilometers (km) x 60-km. It is an excellent option for new collections as well as for orders from a rapidly expanding archive.

Specifically, here are the new minimum order sizes for SPOT 6:

  • Archive imagery – 100 square kilometers (sq km)
  • Tasked imagery – 500 sq km

As for new pricing, we are now able to provide 6-meter multispectral SPOT 6 imagery at a reduced cost. If you are interested in this new product option, drop us a line at for additional details.

A 1.5-meter natural color SPOT 6 image collected on December 23, 2012 over Buenos Aires, Argentina. These images were photo enhanced by Apollo Mapping. © CNES 2012, Distribution Astrium Services / Spot Image S.A., France, all rights reserved.

Key Specifications of SPOT 6

  • Spectral Bands: panchromatic, 4-band multispectral (blue, green, red and near-infrared)
  • Product Resolution: 1.5-m panchromatic, 6-m multispectral
  • Average Revisit Time: at most 1 day (once SPOT 7 is operational)
  • Footprint Width: 60 km (at nadir)
  • Orbital Height: 694 km (at equator)
  • Launch Date: September 9, 2012

For more information about SPOT 6 and available archive coverage, please contact us at (303) 993-3863 or

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