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Posted on April 5th, 2022

New 15-cm/30-cm Aerial Imagery from Hexagon

Check out the colorful samples of 15-cm Hexagon aerial imagery collected over Dallas, Texas during 2021.

Hexagon recently released updated high-resolution aerial imagery of Delaware, Georgia, Kansas and Texas. You can now purchase 15-centimeter (cm) resolution imagery from 2020 for all of Texas; and select Texas cities have more recent 15-cm resolution imagery collected in 2021.

Hexagon also update their Georgia and Kansas imagery with 30cm resolution aerial imagery collected in 2021. They paid special attention to Atlanta, capturing 15-cm resolution imagery from 2021. In addition, 2021 15-cm data over all of Delaware is now available!

Next up, they’ll be releaseing 30-cm resolution imagery of Arkansas, Colorado and South Carolina. Stay tuned for more updates as Hexagon drops new imagery state-by-state.

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