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Posted on March 7th, 2017

Map Mavin News – March 2017

The world is full of mapping data that people need, but they don’t have the knowledge to access. From county assessor data to trail maps for a day out hiking. Large, well-funded counties, like Boulder County Colorado, have the resources to make all kinds of maps available to the public. Other, smaller counties might not have these kind of extensive resources.

Enter Map Mavin, for a starting cost of only $20 a month an organization can easily share this kind of data with their users. There is no need for expensive software that users can’t afford, and you don’t have to hire a company to set up an extensive enterprise GIS system.

Get a sneak peak of your data in Map Mavin.

Not only can users see all your trail maps, but you can update them when they are under construction or closed for the season. With a click of a button, a person can see the length of the trail, the difficulty level, the elevation change, if the trail is washed out or closed during certain seasons, or if there have been recent bear sightings in the area. Any information you want to share can be queried using Map Mavin.

Do you have clients who want to see recent home sales in the area? How much they sold for and who owns the property? All this information can be put into a publically available map. Users can search by address, click on a property, and access all this data. You don’t have to maintain servers or deal with programmers or infrastructure. Map Mavin is designed to bring your data to the people who need it most, they only have to click a link to see your public facing maps. You can cut down on user error and confusing interfaces.

Check out our demo map to see Map Mavin in action here. Your first month on Map Mavin is free, so give it a try!

Katie Nelson
Geospatial Ninja
(303) 718-7163

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