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Posted on December 4th, 2018

Map Mavin – New Features – A Monthly Update

Launched in late 2016 (and relaunched in mid-2018), Map Mavin is our pay-as-you go GIS cloud that lets users make unlimited public and password-protected web maps. Once you upload your vector and raster files to our secure Amazon cloud, you are ready to make and share your web maps in minutes – just like this demo web map we made with vectors and a base layer TIFF from Boulder, Colorado.

Have you tried our new (free) ArcGIS-to-Map Mavin plugin which will create web maps from your projects with the push of a button?

And with our Screen Share function, you can link up with users all around the world to collaborate on a map in real-time. Picture a live webex in your mind but just based around a map that moves and changes as the members of your team update information. Imagine the possibilities of working in real-time with a team of collaborators around the world without any GIS knowledge required!

Priced at just $35 per month with a free trial month, there is no other cloud-based GIS on the market that can compete with Map Mavin on price. For your $35 per month, you are able to store up to 5 gigabytes (5GB) as well as make and share unlimited web maps. As an added bonus, you can cancel your monthly contract at any time.

December 2018 Product Updates

In the past month, we released Map Mavin updates that included but were not limited to the following list of fixes, additions and/or enhancements:

  • Added Map Galleries where you can feature a collection of public web maps.
  • Added a detailed vector basemap with thousands of new points of interest.
  • Improved choropleth mapping with color ramps and a rebalance button for making smooth, custom color steps.
  • Ability to add an entire folder of layers to a web map.
  • Download layers directly from web maps.
  • Highlight features on a map when selected in the attribute table.

You can find a full list of our recent changes here. And please stay tuned to this series where we will let you know about the most exciting Map Mavin changes released in the past month.

If you have an improvement or feature addition you would like to add the Map Mavin product road map, let us know by email at

Are you interested in trying out Map Mavin? If so, you can sign up here. Or maybe you would like a live demo of the product before you sign up? If so, send us an email at and we will get one scheduled right away!

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