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Posted on April 3rd, 2018

Map Mavin Methods – April 2018 – Performance Updates

For this month’s Map Mavin Methods we are excited to give you a sneak peek into the complete overhaul we’ve made on our system and the effect it’s had on Map Mavin’s overall performance. In the past, our system loaded tile by tile and we’ll admit that it was quite slow. After gutting much of our existing infrastructure we’ve now transitioned to a vector-based approach for serving up data to the web-based user interface. What does this mean for you as a user? Well, instead of waiting five to ten seconds for a complex map to load, now even the densest of layers will load nearly instantaneously!

In this month’s video we’ll take a look at the drastic improvements we’ve made in regards to speed and performance for our current Map Mavin system. We’ll also briefly touch on additional changes to come in the near future.

As you’ll see in the video above, you can zoom from a global scale to street level in milliseconds with almost no detectable delay. And this is only the beginning! In this demo we’re using a stock basemap from MapZen simply to demonstrate improved speed; but expect an update to our Map Mavin basemap as we’re currently designing a custom version in-house. It’s sleek, simple, and perfect for any web-mapping project that comes your way.

Until next month!

Fletcher Berryman
Cloud Tamer
(970) 710-0909

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