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Posted on June 7th, 2016

Important DigitalGlobe Imagery Announcements You Might Have Missed!

In May, we made two important announcements about DigitalGlobe imagery and we just want to be sure you saw both of them.

A 70-cm color WorldView-2 image from rural Australia collected on December 30, 2013. You will find superior colors and crispness when compared to other satellite imagery at a similar resolution. This image has been manually color balanced by Apollo Mapping. (Image Credit: DigitalGlobe)

First, DigitalGlobe now offers competitively priced 70-centimeter (cm) resolution satellite imagery at less than half the cost of 50-cm datasets. It is the exact same imagery you know and love at 50-cm resolution, just cheaper and of course with 70-cm pixels. This product is crisper and far more accurate than the other competitors’ data close to this resolution. Further, there is no uplift for data newer than 91 days – which can be big savings when you need the most recent coverage over a large area.

Also in May, DigitalGlobe announced price drops on nearly every 30-cm and 40-cm imagery product (stereo included) and even a few 50-cm products. In some cases, the price drops are more than 25% off!

If you are interested in finding out more about DigitalGlobe’s new 70-cm imagery offering and/or about their significant price drops, drop us an email at

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