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Posted on November 6th, 2013

Free For All – Geo Services

This infographic was created using data from the Boston Consulting Group and Oxera.

Maps, maps, maps!!! We all love maps, you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter if you didn’t at least like maps. Maps can be simple, they can be complex, they can show basic statistics like population density or track disease patterns. They can also just show us what’s physically here or there in a way we can understand, and tell us how to get here or there. They pop up on phones and in cars, sometimes they even still make them on paper.  Now there is an entire industry focused on the here and there of things, basically, they tell you where here is and how to get to there from here. We have come to rely on them to tell us how to get there, we walk out the door with the confidence that some thingamajig* is going to lead the way.

To gain some perspective on how big the here-to-there industry is, also known more professionally as the geo services (or location based services) industry, take a look at this fun infographic below. The infographic came from the official Google blog.

* I just learned that ‘thingamajig’ is an actual word in the dictionary… the more you know. Even more entertaining is that in the example in Merriam-Webster online, the word thingamajig is used to describe a GPS unit, check it out here.

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