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Posted on July 9th, 2013

Free For All – Videos!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love videos.  I love videos of space, of asteroids, of storms and of Earth. I love videos because I’m more of a visual learner and I have a short attention span. I like to imagine that some of you have similar preferences, so I enjoy sharing them with you. This Free For All is a couple of videos I’ve stumbled upon that are so neat that I think you should enjoy them too. So open them up to full screen, sit back and enjoy!

This stunningly beautiful timelapse depicts breathtaking scenes of the North Dakota landscape and the sky above, both at night and during the day. If you love it and want to see more you can purchase the whole 30-min video for only $10. (©DAKOTLAPSE)

Using a wide-angle fisheye lens, Stephane Guisard captures the entire night sky with the Milky Way at its zenith. The rotating objects in the periphery are the four telescopes  that make up the Very Large Telescope array (VLT) targeting varies points in space. (© Stéphane Guisard)

Mike Oblinski has very fascinating timelapse videos of storms. This particular video is of an amazing supercell near Booker, Texas. (© Mike Oblinkski)

So as not to disappoint my short attention span, this is an image (not a video) of the NGC3344 spiral Galaxy.  It is just so darn pretty I had to share it, lucky you! (Image Credit: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona)

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