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Posted on December 6th, 2022

Free For All – OK Go Sandbox!

OK Go Sandbox engages kids in music and video-based STEAM education. (Credit: Photo by PNW Production:

OK Go Sandbox is a free online resource for parents and educators that uses music videos as starting points for inquiry-based STEAM learning. Aiming to bring different disciplines, people and ideas together, OK Go Sandbox videos are designed to inspire discussions and projects.

Each lesson includes a music video that introduces a core set of ideas, which are then broken down into lessons that explain how and why the cool visuals in the music video work. The lesson themes include chain reactions, physics, collaboration, music, sensors, art and much more. Each music video includes free lesson resources, divided by the age and grade levels for which they are intended. Although there are lessons appropriate for grades K-3, most lessons are geared for grade three and up.

OK Go Sandbox is a fun, engaging way to get kids into STEAM activities, and an excellent resource for teachers. It’s also a great website for parents to keep in their back pockets for fun rainy- or snowy-day activities. After watching OK GO music videos, kids will be excited to make new creations integrating the art, science and math demonstrated by the videos.

Katie Nelson
Geospatial Ninja
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