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Posted on February 6th, 2024

Free For All – Monthly Newsletter for STEM Educators

I love a good mystery. The world of science is one of the best places to explore the mysteries of the universe and their answers! There are plenty of great places to find all the information you want about Earth and other science-related subjects, and the Earthrise Monthly Newsletter is at the top of the list!

Earthrise is an excellent resource for K-12 educators to help their students immerse themselves deeper into planet Earth and other climate science topics. Leveraging NASA’s resources and network connections, the folks at Earthrise have put together a monthly newsletter for educators, including lesson plans, activities, and STEM resources.

See what NASA’s Earthrise program has in store for educators and their students. (Credit: NASA STEM)

The newsletter aims to help K-12 students increase their knowledge of climate science, further their understanding of the Earth, and educate them on the importance of protecting the planet. Earthrise is encouraging educators to register for this free newsletter, so they can have another resource on hand to help their students learn.

Earthrise published the first issue for people to see what they have in store for the project. One of my favorite parts is the NOAA Interactive Satellite Maps. Earthrise also offers tons of fantastic resources and opportunities for educators, like the Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign.  You can join NASA Connects, a digital community to connect NASA’s network of STEM educators. Check out this amazing free resource and see all the wonderful things it has to offer!

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