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Posted on October 3rd, 2023

Free For All – Blue Marble Trilogy

Are you ready to embark on a breathtaking journey through space from the comfort of your own home? Felix & Paul Studios, in collaboration with Time, Inc., has unveiled an awe-inspiring virtual reality experience called the Blue Marble Trilogy where you can do just that! The best part? It’s absolutely free!

This remarkable VR experience takes armchair astronauts on a mesmerizing adventure through the cosmos like never before. Inspired by the iconic “Blue Marble” photograph of Earth taken during the Apollo 17 mission, the trilogy consists of three spectacular episodes showcasing the beauty of our blue planet.

Get a sneak peak of the Blue Marble Trilogy. (Credit: Felix and Paul Studios)

To embark on this captivating journey, all you need is a VR headset and a sense of wonder. The trilogy is designed to be experienced using an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2. The entire trilogy is available for free via Meta. The footage used in the series was shot over the course of two years, offering users firsthand insight into the wonder and danger of life in orbit. Cutting edge VR technology lets users witness the majesty of Earth as viewed from the International Space Station, accompanied by amazing sound design.

The Blue Marble Trilogy is a must-try experience for VR and space enthusiasts, as well as anyone seeking to be inspired by the awe of the cosmos. So don your VR gear and prepare for a cosmic adventure that’s out of this world!

Anne Choquette
Place Princess

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