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Posted on September 12th, 2013

Free For All – Color Blind Palette Designer

Staying on topic with my G-FAQ for the month, for this Free for All I feature an online color palette design tool that has taken the color blind into consideration. The website is and it features a variety of tools that will make selecting colors a breeze. And most importantly, it allows you to view the color palette you designed as those with a variety of types of color blindness would.

An animation of a color scheme as seen by someone without and with color blindness.

Palettes are selected by moving around dots on a color wheel and then adjusting the type of color match you prefer. Once you find an appealing color choice, there are tools in the header of the website that let you view the palette as would 8 different color blindness conditions. If you find a palette that looks appealing to those with and without color blindness, there are export tools which save out the RGB and hex color codes  – there is even an option to export to Photoshop for you graphic artists out there. ColorSchemeDesigner can also pick out randomized color schemes if you are not feeling particularly adventurous on any given day!

Until my next edition of Free For All, happy hunting for free geospatial goodies!

Brock Adam McCarty
Map Wizard
(720) 470-7988

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